Homepage - Personal Care

Your partner for colour cosmetics, dental, deodorants, fragrances, hair care, skin care and toiletries.

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Homepage - Coatings

Adhesives, construction, inks, industrial coatings, paints.

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Homepage - Detergents

Home care, industrial care and institutional care.

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homepage - Food & Nutrition

Bakery, beverages, confectionary, dairy, edible oils and fats, fruits and vegetables, nutrition, savoury, animal nutrition

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Homepage - Lubricants

Automotive, industrial, fuel & refinery.

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Homepage - pharma

Pharmaceutical synthesis, innovative (brand) pharmaceutical, generic pharmaceutical, neutraceutical or food supplements, veterinary.

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Homepage - Plastics

Compounder, converter, rubber, polyurethane, composite.

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Homepage - Synthesis

Resins for coatings and adhesives, polymers for plastics, esters, plasticisers, pigments & dyes, surfactants, floculants, various additives.

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Value through expertise

IMCD is a global leader in the sales, marketing and distribution of speciality chemicals and food ingredients. Through our technical, marketing and supply chain expertise we bring added value and growth to both our customers and principal partners throughout the world.

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  • CAPSA 2015

    16 Aug, 2015 to 19 Aug, 2015
  • T-Plas

    26 Aug, 2015 to 29 Aug, 2015
  • SAAFoST 2015

    6 Sep, 2015 to 9 Sep, 2015
Technical expertiseOur Technical Academies and Competence Centres in Europe, Latin-America, Asia-Pacific and Africa provide training in marketing, trend analysis and cross-fertilisation across all sectors of our business. Knowledge and expertise we freely share.