IMCD believes that sustainability goes beyond compliance with laws and regulations and beyond current profitability and success. A sustainable global economy should combine long term profitability with social justice and environmental care; for now and the future.

The chemical industry is the backbone of virtually every other industry as it helps produce products that are used in our daily lives. This makes the chemical industry one of the key enablers of sustainability. In its role as an international chemical distributor, IMCD N.V. implements and encourages the following practices:

Product stewardship and formulation support
Only products in compliance with applicable laws and regulations may be sold in the market. IMCD supports sustainable products to be adequately represented in its overall product offering. It is IMCD’s policy to analyse current market trends and proactively offer new solutions for the continually developing and demanding markets. In doing so, IMCD strives to offer new formulation and application solutions to its customers that will meet green, healthy and other sustainable demands on the modern markets.

Optimisation of supply chain processes
IMCD fully supports the reduction of product lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions and continuously explores further ways to reduce the carbon footprint with its logistic partners.

Commitment to external initiatives
IMCD encourages its local subsidiaries to take an active role in carefully selected sustainability initiatives where it is believed IMCD can make the most effective contribution in its role as a chemical distributor.
An example of such a membership is IMCD’s involvement in the Sustainable Logistics programme by Connekt, an independent network of companies and authorities, collaborating to achieve a sustainable improvement in mobility. To read more about IMCD’s achievements with the Sustainable Logistics programme, please read our Press Release:

IMCD Group is the first distributor to win Lean & Green award
IMCD Group is the first distributor to win Lean & Green Star award

IMCD is also a proud participant in the Together for Sustainability (TfS) initiative; an important programme founded in 2011 by six multinational chemical companies. TfS aims to develop and implement a global audit programme that uses set criteria to assess and improve sustainability practices within the supply chains of the chemical industries. Please see below for IMCD’s TfS certifications:

IMCD Germany is awarded Silver level recognition by EcoVadis in the TfS initiative
IMCD France is awarded Gold level recognition by EcoVadis in the TfS initiative
IMCD India is awarded Bronze level recognition by EcoVadis in the Tfs initiave
IMCD China is awarded Bronze level recognition by EcoVadis in the Tfs initiave


Since 2015, IMCD has been a proud member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Committed to maintaining a strong focus on the sustainability of palm oil, IMCD works with certified partners to offer responsibly sourced ingredients.

Energy and waste management
IMCD supports the use of green energy in its offices. IMCD also encourages the recycling of used office materials and is committed to minimizing paper consumption. In addition, our laboratories have modern liquid and fume waste management in place and local offices are developing incentive programmes to promote more efficient ways of travelling.