Modern IT Infrastructure of IMCD
IMCD has a modern and up to date IT infrastructure key to support commercial, financial and logistic business processes. The backbone of the financial and distribution system is a fully integrated ERP platform. The structure of this centralised IT platform facilitates uniform and efficient business processes within IMCD and supports up to date in-and external reporting to suppliers and stakeholders of IMCD. The ERP platform is a unique asset enabling fully automated order and other information exchange with IMCD’s business partners (suppliers, customers and logistic service providers).

IMCD’s sales force is equipped with a sophisticated, custom developed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. This powerful platform focuses on the gathering of market intelligence, business opportunities and the associated actions in a uniform and structured way to deliver value added growth. From the system, IMCD is able to gain valuable insight into the sales opportunities which exist and transparently share these with the supply partners with which we work.