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Supply Chain

A flexible approach to guarantee best-in-class service
IMCD’s aim is to deliver best-in-class logistic service which is cost effective, with the highest level of customer service and in accordance with our safety standards. We either outsource logistics to reliable third-party partners or operate our own facilities whichever is the better option for our customers.

With a wealth of experience in transitioning and implementing new business, IMCD’s centralised Supply Chain team and our local supply chain experts ensure a robust and reliable service to its partners world-wide. Utilizing custom-made engineering tools,  our team creates innovative and durable customer and supplier solutions to meet requisite service and quality parameters.

Local warehousing
IMCD operates a comprehensive supply chain network with local warehouses in all operating countries. Our priority is to offer a premium delivery service to all customers at a competitive price.  Warehouse partners are continually monitored by the Supply Chain team to ensure both quality standards and performance are optimised. 

Product availability and inventory management
IMCD manages a significant inventory of products on a local, regional and central basis, allowing customers to adopt a ‘just in time’ approach.

Blending and repacking services
Through IMCD’s fully flexible supply chain model, a comprehensive range of value-added services including repacking, dilution and blending is offered.  IMCD is committed to engineering a bespoke cost competitive solution’ to fulfill all technical, commercial and quality requirements.

In case of emergency, please call the 24h Emergency phone number (hosted by CareChem24).

Worldwide (Multilingual) 
+44 (0) 3700 492 795 

If you are calling from UK please dial (English only): 
+44 (0) 1865 407 333 

If you are calling from Australia, please dial: 
1800 625 526

If you are calling from New Zealand, please dial:
0800 500 288

If you are calling from the United States (Company Mutchler Inc. , 24 Hour emergency service hosted by Chemtrec), please dial:
+1 800 424 9300