Lean & Green

IMCD has joined Lean&Green initiative in 2011 and became the first distributor to be awarded the Star Award in 2012, reducing our logistics CO₂ emissions. Already back then, IMCD had successfully reduced its CO2₂ emissions by 20%, becoming the first chemical distributor to receive the prestigious Lean & Green and Lean & Green Star awards. Since then involvement into the initiative was expanding geographically. By utilising alternative greener modes of transport and closely collaborating with its partners, IMCD promotes sustainable transport solutions for a cleaner, safer environment. 

In 2018 IMCD Spain was awarded the Lean & Green award. As a member of the program, IMCD Spain set the goal of achieving a 20% reduction in its CO2 emissions by the year 2020. Already by the end of 2017, IMCD was able to reduce its carbon footprint by almost 10%.

Commitment to external initiatives IMCD encourages its local subsidiaries to take an active role in carefully selected sustainability initiatives where it is believed IMCD can make the most effective contribution in its role as a chemical distributor. An example of such a membership is IMCD’s involvement in the Sustainable Logistics programme by Connekt, an independent network of companies and authorities, collaborating to achieve a sustainable improvement in mobility. To read more about IMCD’s achievements with the Sustainable Logistics programme, please read our Press Releases:

IMCD is the first distributor to win the Lean & Green Award in Spain 
IMCD Group is the first distributor to win Lean & Green award 
IMCD Group is the first distributor to win Lean & Green Star award