IMCD believes that sustainability goes beyond compliance with laws and regulations and beyond current profitability and success. A sustainable global economy should combine long term profitability with social justice and environmental care; for now and the future.

The chemical industry is the backbone of virtually every other industry as it helps produce products that are used in our daily lives. This makes the chemical industry one of the key enablers of sustainability.

As an international chemical distributor, we are aware that our ever-increasing global presence has an impact on the environment and society. IMCD believes that growing sustainably is not only done by measuring our social or environmental impacts but also by striving to improve financial performance and embedding it in our business model.

Sustainable solutions

IMCD's efforts to reduce its environmental impact are directly linked to costs and revenue, both financially as well as reputation. Demands for sustainable and ethically sourced products are increasing and are clear business opportunities. IMCD's environmental and societal contributions begin with its suppliers and via its people expand throughout the value chain.

IMCD’ s sustainability approach holds a purpose of growing its business with sustainable solutions while reducing its environmental footprint with clear and measurable metrics. We are  committed to offer within our portfolio products and solutions focusing on health and wellbeing for our consumers, the environment and society whilst managing our operational footprint in a responsible way.


IMCD is also a proud participant in the Together for Sustainability (TfS) initiative; an important programme founded in 2011 by six multinational chemical companies. TfS aims to develop and implement a global audit programme that uses set criteria to assess and improve sustainability practices within the supply chains of the chemical industries. IMCD Group has been awarded with a Silver recognition by EcoVadis in the TfS initiative in 2019.

Sustainability report

And because every journey starts with a state of play, we are really proud to share with you our first Sustainability Report, lifting the veil on every non-financial data such as our social, safety and environmental performances of 2018 and also significant locally based initiatives (from optimised supply chain to helping local communities).