Sustainable Solutions

At IMCD, we believe that we should go further and explore other paths to positively impact our environment along the life cycle of our products, from cradle to grave. To that end, we need to act outside of our own gates and involve suppliers and customers in the implementation of a unique portfolio of products. These products are not only safe for the environment and for people, but also generate value for our partners and for ourselves while reducing their overall carbon footprint.

IMCD Sustainable Solutions

These products, called ‘IMCD Sustainable Solutions’, are products that provide environmental, social and economic benefits over their whole life cycle when compared to existing mainstream products. During 2019, IMCD’s portfolio for each of its business groups has been screened in order to select our future Sustainable Solutions by means of concrete analyses of data concerning production and use phases. This programme will also serve as an instrument for our suppliers to place their own new sustainable products on the market, by marketing them through IMCD Sustainable Solutions. 

Every product branded as an IMCD Sustainable Solution will also be backed by tools, compiling sets of data that can be used by our sales force to guide customers towards choosing responsible alternatives to products already in use.

By relevant ways of measuring and assessing environmental impacts associated with all the stages of the product life cycle, we forecast that the overall carbon footprint associated with our product offering will decrease in the years to come.