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When Beauty mimics Nature

Biomimetics is the practice of drawing inspiration from over 3.8 billion years of evolution and imitating its life forms processes, and concepts for long-term sustainability.

The term 'biomimetic' is derived from the word 'imitate' which means "imitation of the living', is a branch of science that studies nature and then draws inspiration from natural designs and processes to find new solutions and drive innovation. Throughout history, nature has inspired many of the most celebrated inventions. Consider an airplane which was inspired by birds; or the velcro tape that was created after Swiss engineer George de Mestral noticed the small hooks of burrs on the burdock plant – this is biomimetics in action.


The basic premise of biomimetics in Beauty & Personal Care is that it mimics existing components and biological mechanisms that occur naturally in our skin or in nature.


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In response to growing consumer awareness surrounding health and environment issues, biomimetic ingredients that are perceived to be safer and with a better bioavailability to restore skin and hair health while being sustainable are gaining momentum in cosmetic product development.

There are three main approaches to the use of biomimetics in beauty products:

1. Use of ingredients that can mimic our own skin’s natural composition
2. Imitation of biological pathways that naturally occur in the skin
3. Transposition of a biological mechanism occurring in nature to cosmetic products’ mode of action

To learn more about the biomimetics trend, get your copy of our Trends Commentary that delves into the market dynamics, trends and strategies that will determine the future of active ingredients in the years to come.

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"I see a bright future for photoprotection using biomimetics molecules, to protect the human skin and the environment as well. "

Laurent Blasco , Global Technical Director

Rachael Polowyj, Key Account Manager, Maud Chapis, Global Marketing Communication Manager and Laurent Blasco, Global Technical Director discussed the scientific principles behind biomimetics and highlight consumer perception and market illustrations around this trend.

Listen to the innovative and sustainable ways the living world inspires the world of cosmetics.

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"It is fascinating to see how biomimetics solutions can help to compensate altered skin biological mechanisms or weakened endogenous functions."

Carmen Gutierrez, Global Active Ingredient Specialist

Rachael Polowyj, Key Account Manager, Anne-Sophie Gardes, Regional Technical Director EMEA and Carmen Gutierrez, Global Active Ingredient Specialist unveil some of the cutting-edge biomimetic ingredients and explore how they are transforming the way we approach beauty.

Discover the secrets behind these remarkable ingredients and their potential to elevate your cosmetic routines.

Design biomimetics solution

imcd biomimetic solution

The nature-inspired body lotion

A lamellar emulsion mimicking the structure of the skin surface, providing skin barrier enhancement and water-holding properties. 

Developed by our team of technical experts in our Skin Care Center of Excellence located in Paris, the nature-inspired body lotion was formulated featuring 3 key biomimetic active ingredients:

A skin identical active phospholipid obtained by enzymatic degradation of soybean lecithin. It promotes the development of healthy epidermis by stimulating cell differentiation and endogenous pathways for a balanced skin barrier.

An EGF-like* skin care active that fights fine lines, saggy skin and stretch marks by stimulating keratinocyte proliferation and migration. It induces collagen synthesis while improving skin firmness and elasticity.

*EGF: Epidermal Growth Factor

A 100% natural moisturiser and humectant made with components naturally present in the skin in the Natural Moisturising Factor. It provides faster and long-lasting moisturisation.

Unlock the potential of biomimicry in beauty products

"What makes biomimicry truly remarkable is when a molecule can mimic the organization of the skin's environment to address specific skin concerns. In this case, the emulsifier becomes a crucial component within the formulation, delivering the desired benefits through its careful selection."

Anne-Sophie Gardes, Regional Technical Director EMEA

By mimicking the biological processes and structures found in our environment, biomimetic formulations aim to be more skin-friendly, both in terms of their composition and structure.

Discover the power of these cutting-edge solutions, from an impressive active and functional ingredients portfolio, alongside insights from our Regional Technical Director EMEA, Anne-Sophie Gardes.

Watch now the lab tutorial to formulate the nature-inspired body lotion and get ready to be inspired and captivated by the limitless possibilities of biomimetics in the beauty world.

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