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Technical Expertise

We provide on-demand formulation trainings, support and guidance, complete regulatory information and advices as well as innovative textures and concepts to our suppliers and customers.

A global know-how for all market segments 

Through a global network of 17 application laboratories around the world (including 5 Excellence Centers equipped with advanced laboratory equipment), we constantly develop innovative prototypes with various cosmetic applications for 7 market segments (Personal Care products categories).

We can also tailor our support to help our customers target specific body concerns (like skin aging, acne, dry skin...) and strategically chose active ingredients. This emphasis on active ingredients categorizes it as a distinct market segment in our strategy.

Skin Care

2 Excellence Centers

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Sun Care

2 Excellence Centers

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Hair Care

1 Excellence Center

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1 Excellence Center

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Colour Cosmetics

1 Excellence Center

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Oral Care
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Active Ingredients
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Quick formulation tutorials 

Emulserum Concentrated Radiance Booster
Skin Care
Cream-2-oil-2-Makeup Remover
Waterless Sun Fun Milk SPF50+
Sun Care
Cosmetic products

A serum based on a 2-phase weakened emulsion enabling to combine oils with opposite polarities.

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Application of a make up remover

A cream transforming upon massage into an oil for an efficient makeup removal, then transforming into a milk with water for an easy rinse-off. 

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Cosmetic product

A lightweight liquid sunscreen formula with a transparent look for daily use, formulated with apple organic cellular water instead of distilled water.

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