Polyaspartic resins​

Low viscous, highly reactive binders to be crosslinked with low viscous polyisocyanates in 2K systems
Polyaspartic resins – Description​

First introduced in the 1990s, the polyaspartic technology utilizes sterically hindered secondary amines to react with a decent curing speed with isocyanates to build up a polymer network very comparable to polyurethanes. It delivers fast curing, thick layer coatings systems and allows you to formulate with low to zero VOC.

This technology is mainly used for industrial coatings, corrosion protection systems and floor coatings. 


  • Very fast curing speed and suitable pot-life
  • Good chemical and outdoor resistance
  • Very high solid up to solvent-free formulations possible

  • High film thickness in one application step possible

  • Reduction number of layers to provide high-quality corrosion protection