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For innovators in the construction industry, it’s essential to meet the growing demand for high-quality products and spaces, which demonstrate tech-driven multi-functionality at their core. Using flexible fibres for 3D printing concrete is one way to achieve it.
Flexible Fibres for Construction

Amorphous metallic fibres offer high tensile strength for concrete and mortar reinforcement, simply and safely enabling innovative applications such as 3D printing.

IMCD's fibre portfolio includes Saint Gobain SEVA Fibraflex. Made of iron and chromium alloy, Fibraflex is produced in France, using an exclusive process of liquid metal hyperquenching.

The outstanding features bring unmatched performance to concretes and mortars, reducing the initial crack openings arising. Thereby, the concrete flexural strength and its sustainability are reinforced.

The high-performance fibres provide formulators with an option to add mechanical performance and increase the flexural strength of cementitious products for flooring, facades, infrastructure, and even 3D printing. Fibraflex fibres are resistant to corrosion.


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  • 3D printing
  • Fixing and repair mortars
  • Precasting / UHPFRC
  • Technical floorings

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