Discover Cake Lolly

A complete taste and visual experience

Our Cake Lolly is created to explore great flavours and food experiences. Perfect for those looking for a heightened sensory delivery, often combined with an element of the unexpected.

Market Insights
According to the authors of the DLG expert report “Colours and their influences on sensory perception of products”, the appearance of a product is generally the first feature that can be perceived by the senses. In the same report, many studies showed that it is the colour that stands out most, triggering likes or dislikes in consumers.

As the access to different types of food increases, consumers' demand for food experiences also rises, especially those that defy all the senses. 

Concept Highlights

            Sensorial Search             Unexpected bite and pleasant taste

                     Health Boost                          Source of protein and fiber and good for digestive health

                 Natural Movement                 Natural Flavours & Colouring Foodstuffs for a very appealing and tasty product

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Feature Functionalities

  • Pea protein – High soluble, low viscous pea protein with a clean profile and excellent digestibility
  • Soluble fibre from maize – Soluble fibre is used as a bulking agent with a neutral taste, high solubility and low viscosity
  • Enzymes – Processing aids giving a softer crumb and an improved resilience during shelf life
  • Emulsifiers – Pre-activated emulsifiers for optimal performance. Distilled monoglycerides to increase the initial softness and to improve freshness.
  • Natural Flavours – For a unique signature and an amazing taste experience. Reduction on-off notes.