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According to Innova Market Insights, total global sports, fitness, and energy drinks grew 12% in launch count CAGR (2017-2021). Energy drinks was the fastest-growing segment, up 20% CAGR.  

Almost 1 in 5 consumers globally are interested in improving mental focus and boosting energy. Consumers seek out diverse benefits from their packaged and staple choices, including better hydration,  improved energy, and immune support. 



Customised nutritional profile for every consumer's lifestyle 


IMCD in partnership with DSM offers a complete vitamin and minerals portfolio to fortify your next functional beverage innovation
E-fuel: Expand your limits

Unlimited energy for
e-gamers and social
media fanatics who are aware of the blue light induced eye health threat of digital

Plant Boost

Vegan natural energy boost supported by
vitamins and minerals for a healthy mind & body balance.

Energy Boost Makes You Fly

The young active sporty generation
looking for fun and adventure.

PowerUp: Forever Fitness
Energy and fitness for all ages. 
Feel the energy and hydration before and after the activity.

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