Inspiring beer innovation

Beer tasting with our CEO Piet van der Slikke

What's new for beers?

At IMCD, we are always aware of market trends which, together with our extensive knowledge of malt extracts, natural flavours, and brewing with alternative grains, allow us to support you in creating new beer innovations.

Top claims for beers
Consumers are enjoying experimenting with the new tastes offered by specialty beers. Traditional, Vegan, and Premium are among the top claims for beer launches in the past two years. A particularly popular feature in the beer market is the interest in clean labels and gluten-free, which have been spreading fast across the market.
IMCD Specialty Beers

IMCD’s specialty beer concepts have been developed to meet the latest market trends. In the solutions, no additives or ingredients of animal origin were used. The use of enzymes contributes to longer shelf life and ensures that the beers are gluten-free. Additionally, it improves the wort and beer filtration resulting in beers with good processability and exceptional taste.


Bring your challenge to one of the IMCD brewing experts.

Discover IMCD specialty beers

Blonde Ale 

Our Blonde Ale has a fruity taste with a mild malt sweetness to it. This beer is easy to drink and has a light body.

Dark Ale 

Our Dark Ale has a round full taste with caramel and malty notes. It is slightly more hoppy than our light-coloured ales.


Our stout has a soft roasted maltiness with coffee notes and a balanced bitterness.

Black IPA

IPA is one of the most loved beers by consumers these days. Answering the consumer trends, IMCD developed a great tasting clean label and gluten-free version.

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