Fish Alternative: Vegan Crab Balls

An authentic fish replacement recipe

Now is the time for fish alternatives to take a place on the table of consumers seeking more sustainable and healthier diets

Market Insights

According to the Mintel report from 2019, fish alternatives are predicted to be a top global trend in the coming years. With the rise of flexitarianism as a diet and the willingness to try new plant-based products, fish alternatives will hit the market to stay.


But why are consumers switching to plant-based fish more specifically? Concerns about ethics and the environment such as overfishing, climate change, and pollution. As well as, health and wellbeing, as in meat fish can be found heavy metals, radioactivity, microplastics from pollution, diseases, parasites, and antibiotics.

Concept Highlights

Juicy bite and meaty mouthfeel based on pea proteins and fibres

Plant based meat texture for fish Alternatives. Vegan Crab Balls IMCD food solutions.
Fresh fish flavours and colouring to give an organoleptically convincing product

Plant based fish ingredients flavours and colours. Fish Alternatives Vegan Crab Balls.
Ethnic sauce enhanced with fresh flavours for an exciting twist

Feature Functionalities of Fish Alternatives: Vegan Crab Balls

Texturized and functional pea protein with a clean profile and an excellent digestibility