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The market for plant-based, vegetarian and vegan dairy alternatives is booming.

Crafting a winning recipe of plant-based drinks and yogurt is complex when it comes to taste, texture, mouthfeel, sweetness, and matching (regional) consumer preference. Moreover, for health-conscious consumers who want to include plant-based drinks as part of a healthy and nutritious diet, the fact that unfortified dairy alternatives are typically lower in nutritional value than traditional dairy could prove a stumbling block.

Complex challenges to overcome.

What’s on your wish-list to differentiate from competition and delight consumers?

Sweetness without adding sugar

Capable of saccharifying dextrin to glucose or maltose, Delvo®Plant GLU and Delvo®Plant MAL give producers greater control over the sweetness profile of cereal- or starch-based beverages. These enzymes leverage the sugars naturally present in raw materials like oats, thereby allowing manufacturers to create healthier plant-based drinks without added sugar. This helps to create sweetness that can be adjusted and customized to align with local market preferences.

Reduced gluten

By implementing the Delvo®Plant PSP enzyme into product development during saccharification, manufacturers can also lower the gluten content in cereal-based beverages to meet the needs of gluten-intolerant people.


Great taste, satisfying mouthfeel & texture

Created to optimize the taste, texture, sweetness and nutritional profile of plant-based drinks, the Delvo®Plant enzyme portfolio offers a unique variety of benefits. Added at the liquification stage, Delvo®Plant ALT increases the solubility of protein to create optimal mouthfeel, while also providing the building blocks for optimal saccharification. Delvo®Plant BGL further reduces the viscosity of cereal-based drinks and finetunes texture, while adding Delvo®Plant TNP at this stage helps to degrade proteins into peptides to increase digestibility and solubilization.


Soy, almond and others

Our portfolio of solutions enriches nutritional value, improves texture and adds mouthfeel.