Food & nutrition

Technical Expertise

With a deep understanding of consumer trends, product formulations and production processes, the IMCD team is ready to support food and beverage manufacturers in overcoming their application challenges.

Our food experts aid in the development of innovative solutions that are consumer trend-led and exceed all expectations.
We can partner at the local level, showcasing new ideas to your marketing and R&D teams via ready-to-eat samples and culinary workshops, always working in collaboration to feed and leverage your innovation pipeline.

The IMCD Food & Nutrition spans market-specific Pilot Plants, Local Application Laboratories and Centres of Excellence, situated in key locations around the globe, with a dedicated local team ready to support you.

Food & nutrition

Our Application Laboratories

Discover how we work and how our expertise and market knowledge can add value to your business

We start at home
At IMCD Food & Nutrition, we value our people and continuously invest in their training and development. In our Academies, which are divided by market segment, we train our technical sales team with knowledge and formulation expertise that considers the local aspects of each demographic region in order to assist you most effectively.
Our team of experts 

Our food and beverage experts are organised by market segment and focus on the creation of forward-thinking formulations that give your business a real competitive advantage. Our experts work side-by-side with our customers on a local level, taking into consideration cultural and culinary aspects.


As a partner, we are committed to bringing insights to the table through Insight Days, market trends orientation, product campaigns, demonstrations, concept solutions and more.


Wherever we operate, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art application laboratories market-specific Pilot Plants and Local Application Labs that always can draw on the support of our Centres of Excellence located in the three main regions of the globe EMEA, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

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