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Plant-based: a consumers' sustainable request

Sustainability has become a mainstream consumer priority that’s here to stay, and this is reflected in the way we talk about what we eat. 


With the increasing availability of plant-based products, consumers are now veganising their food by recreating traditional dishes with animal-free natural ingredients such as pulses, fungi, herbs, and algae. Besides sustainability reasons, the use of plant-based ingredients can lower fat and calorie content. However, for consumers to consider ‘veganised’ products, the ingredients they use must contain the same nutritional benefits as their animal counterparts.


Market insights showed an increase of 35% in products launched with plant-based claims between 2017 and 2022¹.


¹Innova Market Insights Database, (Global CAGR 2017-2022)

Innovation Opportunity

According to Innova Market insight (Global, CAGR 2015 to 2019), as fish alternative launches continue to grow 36% year over year, innovators are always finding new ways to make plant-based fish even more like the real thing.


Get Inspired

Now is the time for fish alternatives to take a place on the table of consumers seeking more sustainable and healthier diets. Check out two fish alternative solutions developed by IMCD Food Experts: Vegan Crab Balls & Vegan Salmon Steak.






Expert Q&A 

Cecilia Dubus, Technical Expert at IMCD France, explains how brands can go greener along with their consumers.


How can food and beverage brands show their commitment to sustainability? 

"Food and beverage brands can invest in green initiatives, select ecolabel ingredients and improve processing methods to save energy. At IMCD, we help by providing more sustainable ingredients. For example, some food manufacturers now offer carbon-neutral proteins after implementing sustainable solutions such as solar panels and digestors on their farms. 

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Plant-Based Fish Alternatives Infographic

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How IMCD’s Commitment to Sustainability Drives Innovation


Plant Power: How IMCD Benelux tackled the cheese analogue challenge

Between 2015 and 2019, the global market demand for cheese analogues increased by 23%, and it continues to grow. Non-dairy cheese was the fastest-growing subcategory across global “plant-based” dairy launches from 2016 to 2020². Read here how IMCD Benelux tackled the cheese analogue flavour challenge. You can also download the cheese analogue infographic developed by IMCD Food Experts.

²Innova Report: Cheese, Non-Dairy, Trends Analysis made in six major regions around the globe


According to the Mintel GNPD's report 2015-2019, the beverage sector is responsible for 30% of product launches with a vegan and/or no animal products claim on pack. Read here how IMCD Germany created plant-based drinks for their market. You might be interested in checking IMCD's plant-based drinks solutions.

Plant-based solutions
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