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At IMCD Home Care and I&I, our speciality raw materials are designed to enhance modern living for homes, businesses and institutions. Our comprehensive range of ingredients includes biocides, builders, chelates, enzymes, rheology modifiers, silicones, solubilisers, surfactants,  and more, for the cleaning and care of laundry, dishes, surfaces, air and vehicles.

We're here to help you create formulations that are driven by evolving technical demands and market trends. Whether you seek germ-free surfaces, sanitised spaces, impeccable laundry, gleaming glassware, pristine floors, or showroom worthy vehicles, we're here to assist with our expansive and continually evolving portfolio.

As your value added technical partner, IMCD Home Care and I&I empowers your growth through our unique market insights, extensive customer reach, and supply chain solutions. But what truly sets us apart is our unparalleled team of experts and network of global application laboratories.

Home Care and I&I Trends Commentary

Content powered by IMCD Home Care and I&I to help you develop sustainable, future proof products.

Whether our customers need formulation guidance, analytical services or consultations to drive innovation, our formulatory expertise and industry leading partnerships enable us to find the perfect solution to your problems.

​​We always deliver high-performance, premium ingredients which yield consistent results, and actively work on providing sustainable solutions that ensure a better cost-in-use through performance-driven products.

IMCD Home Care and I&I has a constantly evolving portfolio to meet the latest technical requirements and market trends

Our application and regulatory expertise, global network of laboratories offering on-site performance testing, unrivalled industry knowledge and relationships enable us to elevate the performance of all our partners.

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