PFAS-Free Water-Based Rain Repellent

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Welcome to the future of water and stain repellent formulations.

Following extensive research by our technical experts in our application laboratories, we are excited to introduce an enhanced water and stain repellent solution that uses the optimal blend of ingredients to provide a sustainable application.

Our innovative repellent spray also benefits from being free from PFAS, propellants and flammable labels.

Furthermore, our water and stain repellent offers multiple benefits by extending the lifespan of treated items through protection against moisture and aqueous soil, as well as saving valuable resources. The minimised need for washing cycles will help reduce energy consumption and conserve water use, making it a sustainable choice for those seeking long-lasting fabric care.

Treated items will repel liquids and aqueous soil, preventing stains. 

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    Sustainable Solutions

    Including our PFAS-Free Water-Based Rain Repellent

    Key Features

    • Water-based formulation - protective against moisture and aqueous soil (tested with wine and coffee)
    • 100% Free from Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs)
    • Free from propellants
    • Free from flammable labels
    • Optimised combination of silicone emulsions and silicone resin
    • Dries quickly with direct protection approximately one hour after application

    • Use of less than 2% active content
    • Cold stirrer mixing process
    • Great performance on synthetic (Polyamide and Polyester-Cotton) and natural (Cotton) fibres
    • Versatile formulation for broad use – clothes, shoes, outdoor accessories, furniture and upholstery
    • Effective and safe spray – particles size is in the micrometer range*
    * Formulations containing silicones with an amino function used in aerosol and trigger spray application should have controlled particle sizes. Droplet size when sprayed must have average aerodynamic diameter ≥ 30 µm and particles with diameter < 10 µm must represent ≤ 1% of the total amount of sprayed droplets. At present formulation 23-029-23 matrix composition allows safe use. Each individual formulation must be tested properly. 

    pfas-free water-based rain repellent

    Our formulation is available on request

    We developed our PFAS-Free Water-Based Rain Repellent with the aim of positively contributing to the following areas:

      Restoring the water repellence of an outdoor item prolongs the life of the item. Adding water repellence to fabrics means the item needs less frequent washing, saving valuable resources used in the washing cycle, and further prolonging the life of the item.
      With this formulation we have replaced fluorocarbons (PFAS) which are recognised as dangerous cumulative chemicals for human and aquatic life.

      Sustainable Fabric Care Kit

      Our PFAS-Free Water-Based Rain Repellent is part of a larger collection of sustainable fabric care solutions called the Sustainable Fabric Care Kit.

      Frequently asked questions about our PFAS-Free Water-Based Rain Repellent

      PFAS stands for Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances. They are man-made (synthetic) substances that are not naturally found in the environment.

      PFAS are water, dirt and grease repellents, making them extremely useful. As a result, they are used in a variety of products, applications and industrial processes.​