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Sustainable Solutions

We are dedicated to supporting our partners in their quest for sustainable solutions, paving the way for a cleaner, safer, and more circular future


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Our Sustainable Solutions initiative helps you navigate the sustainability landscape

Our approach makes it easy for our customers to:


  • Understand what sustainability means in your industry
  • Explore extensive sustainable materials including educational content, regulations, and opportunities
  • Approach sustainability in an easy-to-understand and practical manner
  • Access a carefully-selected portfolio of sustainable products
  • Switch to using greener solutions in their products

Our Sustainable Solutions

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Circular & Renewable

These raw materials enable circularity through being based on renewable resources, mass balance concepts, bio-based, recycled or waste materials. 

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Emissions, Waste & Resources

These raw materials reduce or eliminate emissions and waste, with an increased shelf life, helping to achieve a lower carbon footprint as a result. 

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Material Efficiency & Innovation

These raw materials achieve the same or better performance with less resources through increasing active ingredients, volume solids or performance.

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These raw materials increase the lifetime of the treated article.

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Productivity & Energy

These raw materials allow finished products to use less energy in final use, as well as products being manufactured with continuous improvement of the raw material efficiency utilisation index, reducing overall energy consumption.

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People, Health & Safety

These raw materials are not classified as a substance of concern/hazardous or have a future risk for reclassification AND that can functionally replace raw materials that were still used in the past but are now labelled as hazardous.

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