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Technical Expertise

As a customer of IMCD Home Care and I&I, you will be supported by our global team of technical experts.


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IMCD Home Care and I&I offers local market knowledge, backed by an impressive global infrastructure. 

On top of our global network of HI&I Application Laboratories, our team closely collaborates with various other IMCD teams and laboratories including Coatings & Construction, Pharmaceuticals, and Personal Care. Together, we exchange ideas and methods to innovate new concepts.

We provide customers and suppliers with comprehensive formulation guidance to inspire new ideas and solutions. Our team ensures your products meet dynamic market demands that comply with environmental and regulatory requirements. By tracking market trends, we identify growth opportunities and develop advanced formulations to support the growth of your business.

IMCD Home Care and I&I has a global network of application laboratories, situated in key locations to support our customers with performance testing and formulation. They also act as learning academies, offering a broad range of educational, workshop and seminar opportunities for our own technical sales experts and those of our partners.

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Our laboratories

Formulation Performance
At the core of our activity is formulation performance optimisation. We assess all formulations according to industry standards, while also operating performance testing in laundry, automatic dishwash and surface cleaning. 
Training and Seminars
Our laboratories enhance the product and application knowledge of IMCD’s international network of market-focused professionals. We provide regular training for our technical sales experts on the latest cleaning trends and technologies, enabling our team to understand formulatory requirements and precisely how our suppliers’ ingredients may be optimised for customer use.
Added Value
Our application laboratories allow us to strengthen our technical interactions with customers, bringing us closer to your new product developments. It is through our commitment to technical excellence and specialist Home Care and I&I expertise that IMCD adds real value for its partners. 

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