IMCD Industrial solutions

How our filling & repacking services support your needs

When it comes to moving specialty chemicals, safety, testing and quality are critical at every step of the way.

That is why we offer our filling and repacking services to customers around the globe. Whether you need cans, drums, IBCs, or tanks, IMCD can manage all of your logistical needs with a broad range of high-quality products.

How it works

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What we can fill and mix

Whether you're looking for blends, stabilizer content, or quantity adjustments, we can support you by filling and mixing liquid monomers.


    -  Acrylic Acid, Glacial

    -  Methylacrylate
    -  Methacrylic Acid

    -  Methylmethacrylate

    -  2 Ethylhexylacrylate

    -  Butylmethacrylate

    -  Vinylacetat Monomer

    -  Butylacrylate
    -  Vinyltoluene
    -  2 Ethylacrylate


9 boxes your filling partner should check

Customised to your needs

Mix monomers & add stabilisers

On top of coordinating all logistics, we can mix your monomers before they are packed and add stabilizers to give the chemicals a longer storage life.

Access a broad range of products & quantities

With options for cans, drums, IBCs and tanks, we can offer you a broad range of high-quality products in the exact quantities you need.



Be green and reach your sustainability goals

More and more of our customers have sustainability on their agenda, and we offer steel IBCs that can be washed and reused time and time again.

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