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Chemical Intermediates

We provide our customers with the chemical solutions they need, be it small batches or hundreds of tons.

Our approach streamlines and optimises processes at every step of the way.

Our experts work hand-in-hand with our customers to support their processes, with filling and repacking stations that meet the highest quality standards, managing and streamlining all ongoing communications and so much more.

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Lab and research institutes

With our foundation of technical knowledge and steadfast reliability, we offer a range of chemicals for research purposes, appropriate for both large- and small-scale studies.

Toll manufacturers & formulators

For customers who face ever-changing needs, we have the flexibility and expertise to formulate innovative solutions on a project basis.

Performance chemical producers

Whether our customers need a specific product solution or an end-to-end technically strong supplier, we support small- to medium-size chemical producers with high-end solutions, including bulk quantities to serve unique needs.

Resin polymer producers

We provide large quantities of monomers, additives, catalysts and solvents to our customers who create resin and polymers for coatings, adhesives and structural parts.

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How our filling & repacking services support your needs

"In chemical intermediates, we are at the beginning of chemistry, directing how things are combined and developed."

Shani Renau Ferrer

Sales & Product Manager

Business Group Technical Manager

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