State of Sustainability Report

Uncover the sustainable priorities, motivations, and challenges of industrial sectors

Access data-driven insights on the 
sustainable priorities 
of industrial sectors

In 2023, IMCD Industrial Solutions conducted an extensive, industry-wide survey, asking select customers around the globe where they stand on their sustainable journeys. The survey focused on the eight topics most pertinent to sustainability in industrial sectors: renewable source materials, biodegradables, materials for people, health and safety, CO₂ and energy reduction, durability and maintenance, manufacturing process improvement, and regional sourcing.

With this data in hand, we developed a first-of-its-kind report on the 'State of Sustainability' in industrial sectors. We are proud to share this report with the industry to be a part of furthering the sustainable conversation and look forward to being one step closer to measuring sustainable progress in industrial sectors.

The report explores new insights, like:

will pay more for sustainable alternatives if they can prove business value & measure impact

consider some or most of the sustainable approaches they see to be greenwashing 

believe that offering
sustainable products is a competitive differentiator

Uncover more data & insights like these today in the 

2024 State of Sustainability Report 

The report includes eight editions covering the most pertinent topics on industrial sustainability agendas.

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More about the report

In fall 2023, IMCD Industrial Solutions launched an extensive survey to a select group of customers around the globe to understand their sustainable priorities, motivations and challenges.  A total of 272 respondents answered questions about some or all of the eight sustainability focus areas, with many of the questions drilling down to ask subsets of respondents follow-up questions based on their current sustainability goals and practices. We intend to do the same survey in 3 years to see how the industry has advanced and begin to measure the sustainable progress of industrial sectors.

Why we produced eight editions

Let's be honest, very few people sit down to read a 60+ page data report. Knowing this, and how important sustainability is to the chemical industry, we deliberately chose to break down the topics of the report into editions to make them more digestible. Starting January 24th, we will release a new edition every two weeks to give everyone the opportunity to dive into each topic, analyse the findings, and draw their own conclusions. If you want to be the first to know about the edition launch, be sure to check back on this page on the release days or follow IMCD on LinkedIn