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We are on a mission to champion our partners' journeys towards utilizing sustainable solutions every day to make a positive impact on their organization and the world.

Sustainable Solutions is a one-stop resource that supports our partners in navigating the complexities of green solutions.

According to our State of Sustainability report, 57% claim they will pay more for sustainable alternatives if they can prove value to their business and measure sustainable impact. That said, functionality and availability of sustainable alternatives are among the most significant and consistent challenges limiting adoption. 

That's why, we are committed to taking our customers' sustainability challenges and solving them. Whether the priority is to reduce energy or use more renewable sources, it’s easy to explore a world of sustainable possibilities when everything you need is in one place.

Our approach aims to meet our customers where they are in their sustainability journey, providing them with educational resources to help them make informed decisions, and we are there every step of the way to offer consultation and technical support. Together, we can be at the forefront of sustainable innovation to create a better world for all.

Explore our sustainable categories

We organize sustainable materials into 4 categories aligned to the priorities of the industrial sectors
These are raw materials that are not durable and include soil, water, marine-classified polymers, additives or compounds. They include at least 20% bio-based content.
These are raw materials created with a lower carbon footprint. When we use materials that have a low carbon footprint, we reduce the total emissions of the end-product.
Health & safety
These are raw materials that do not have hazardous labels. When we use no-hazard label materials, we ensure the health and safety of its users at all stages of the value chain.
Renewable source
These are raw materials that are bio-based, or plant-derived, that can be measured through C14 (carbon fourteen) and can be replenished quicker than the lifetime of the product. 

Did you know?

believe offering sustainable products is a competitive differentiator

have some level of concern about greenwashing

report customer demand as the most influential driver of sustainability in the industry

Our role in the sustainable coversation

As a distributor, we sit in the middle of two critical players in the chemical world. This position gives us the unique advantage of considering the full picture of sustainability and driving change across the value chain. We understand the global trends driving local regulations and market needs and can support the use of sustainable materials and the formulation of sustainable solutions.

We go beyond chemistry and processes with valuable knowledge sharing, local warehousing, technical support, and service excellence. We work with our partners to deliver a solution that helps them achieve their goals – whether profit, environmental performance, or both. In the process, we make sure our clients improve their knowledge, business processes, and value chains.​ 

Our commitment to sharing industry knowledge

We prioritise the creation of industry data and insights to support our
partners in making informed decisions about their sustainable journey.

Industry Data
In 2023, we conducted an industry-wide survey asking our customers around the globe where they stand in their sustainable journey. Not only does collecting this type of industry data create insights for all to access regarding the priorities and challenges we face today, but it also gives us the opportunity to measure the progress towards a sustainable future.

State of Sustainability Report

In 2024, we released our first-of-its-kind State of Sustainability Report sharing what the industry says are the priorities, challenges and more when it comes to sustainability in industrial sectors. This report supports our partners in making informed decisions about their sustainable journey and allows them to benchmark themselves against others in the industry.

Industry Insights

When it comes to sustainability, nothing is constant. We are constantly seeing new innovations and regulations that change how things have always been done. That's why our experts regularly contribute articles, whitepapers and success stories to our Insights Library. This content is free to all who visit our website and covers innovations, trends, challenges and more.

"Sharing industry insights does more than show where we are today; it creates a baseline, giving us the opportunity to measure progress towards a sustainable future. "

Dr. Fikri Alemdaroglu

Business Group Director,

Industrial Solutions

How we identify sustainable materials

In our recent global survey, 80% of respondents reported concerns that some or most of the sustainable approaches they see to be greenwashing. To avoid any grey area in our sustainable solution product recommendations, we do not classify any material as sustainable if it does not first pass our criteria of people, health and safety. This avoids any product being labelled sustainable despite having adverse effects on people and the planet.

Additionally, we require that documentation of the sustainable attributes be included for every product to ensure our customers can measure their sustainable impact and progress.

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