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Using chemicals produced with the biomass balance approach

We provide chemicals created with the biomass balance approach to reduce COemissions from the start.

Positioned at the start of the value chain, many industrial sectors have a unique opportunity to drive sustainable change from the start. That’s why biomass balance is widely viewed as a positive approach in the chemical industry to reducing emissions.

But while it is becoming more and more popular, it’s often misunderstood and therefore slowing its adoption. Read on to uncover more about the biomass balance approach and new products that are helping to lower COemissions in chemical production.

Are you an expert on biomass balance?

Biomass balance is considered a complex approach in the chemical industry. But it's one that's driving CO2 down and proving sustainable benefits that can make a difference. So, what do you know already about biomass balance? Put your knowledge to the test with our short quiz. It's free and anonymous.

Breaking down biomass balance

Let's decomplexify a complex topic in just a few sentences

The biomass balance approach is...a method used across industries to incorporate more renewable sources in production.
The benefits of the biomass balance approach include…relying less on limited fossil resources, reducing  COemissions from the start, and integrating with existing production processes today.
The primary challenges of the approach are…the third-party audit that verifies the feedstock qualification, the chain of custody, and product claims.
Using the approach drives sustainable change by…reducing the overall environmental impact and contributing to a more sustainable and circular economy.

Understanding biomass balance in the industrial sectors

With new CO2 goals being set around the globe, the biomass balance approach is being used to drive emissions down. But why biomass balance? And how does the approach work?

Read our latest guide where we break down the biomass balance approach and you'll learn:
  • A simple definition of biomass balance
  • The typical renewable source materials used in the approach
  • How it works, the key benefits and challenges associated
  • What our experts say we can expect next

Chemicals from the biomass balance approach

We offer a range of chemical intermediates produced with the biomass balance approach designed to save fossil fuels, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and better utilize the use of renewable resources.
All of the products we offer are independently certified. Our portfolio varies based on where you are located. Interested to learn more? Contact our experts to find out which products are available in your region.
“Embracing the biomass balance approach is a profound commitment to our planet's future. By balancing the use of renewable resources with fossil resources, we forge a sustainable path towards a greener tomorrow."

Dr. Fikri Alemdaroglu

Business Group Director,

Industrial Solutions

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