Lubricants & Energy

IMCD Lubricants & Energy brings together our expertise across the lubricants, fuels, oil & gas and energy sectors.

We offer base oils and additive components and packages used in automotive and industrial oils and greases. 

In the energy sector, IMCD supplies a range of speciality chemicals that can be used across all parts of the oil, gas and fuel markets, from upstream exploration, to mid-stream processing (storing and transportation), through to downstream refineries, petrochemical plants and final processing of the fuels used by consumers at the end of the supply chain.

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Our dedicated technical experts work with you to find solutions to your formulation or processing needs. For Lubricants & Fuels, we help develop the most effective formulation of neat and soluble oils, greases and fuels. For Oil & Gas we propose solutions for air and gas purification as well as catalysts and additives for refineries and petrochemical plants. 
We also can help formulate drilling fluids, wellbore cement and well stimulation fluids. By listening to your needs, we can recommend custom-made product formulations and test products by mimicking performance in real life applications at our Technical Centres. 

The Business Group’s activities are not limited to the status of today’s lubricants, fuels and oil & gas sectors.

Across the globe, the IMCD Lubricants & Energy team analyse industry trends on energy consumption, sustainability and emission reductions, alongside changes in legislative or OEM requirements.

We work with our supply partners on the understanding and promotion of innovative specialty chemicals to support a sustainable energy economy, based on improved efficiency and lower carbon energy.

This may include additives used in energy efficient hydraulic fluids, filters that limit the spread of particulates into the atmosphere, purification in biogas plants, lubricants formulations for wind turbines and additives and base oils that ensure compliance with increasing stringent emissions standards. We also work on new ways to optimise formulations with innovative products. 

With the knowledge and commercial tenacity to drive real growth for your business, our global supply chain network and local support mean you can rely on our team to deliver the solutions you need.

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Marco Madeddu
Business Group Director

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