Our trends commentary, “Powering Tomorrow” is now available!

IMCD Lubricants & Energy has been exploring the latest industry trends, bringing you its essential guide to what is shaping the Lubricants & Energy world, now and in the future.

Powering Tomorrow' provides in-depth analysis and expert commentary from IMCD's business and technical experts. The report examines key trends that are affecting transport, industrial and power generation markets.

Tomorrow's Energy

Biofuels for the future: now is the time to embrace fuel alternatives. Biogas for the future: meeting the purification challenge.

Tomorrow's Automotive Fluids

IMCD industry experts consider the future for automotive lubrication, the impact of e-mobility on the transport sector and the resulting need for new fluids.

Tomorrow's Industrial Fluids

The latest innovations and regulatory landscape for metalworking fluids.

Tomorrow's Bio-based Industrial Fluids

The rise of bio-lubricants and where to find them in action.

“Powering Tomorrow” has been developed as an informative guide featuring analysis and insights from IMCD business and technical experts