Allantoin Vaginal Gel

Looking for a pH-stable vaginal gel?

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is the most frequently found condition in the female genital tract. Treatment trials report a cure rate of 80-90% at 1 week, but the recurrence rate is as high as 15-30% within 3 months. The use of a mucoadhesive polymer at the proper (acidic) pH can contribute to bringing the pH back to normal conditions and reduce the risk of recurrence.

Concept Highlights
  • Soothing, stable, moisturising gel.
  • Demonstrates the use of carbomers as viscosity and buffering agents for vaginal secretions.
  • HEC is a non-ionic and non-pH dependant viscosifier.
  • Stable formula on low (vaginal) pH with proven mucoadhesion.