Mumbai Technical Centre, India

Located in Mumbai, this Pharma Technical Centre serves as a Centre of Excellence for Topicals in the APAC region.

Opened in 2019, our Pharma Technical Centre in Mumbai is FDA-approved and equipped with state-of-the-art tools. This technical centre functions as a global Centre of Excellence for topicals, with the ability to work on various dosage forms such as creams, lotions, gels and foams. It also provides a fully-equipped oral solid dosage lab, with an array of equipment for developing tablets, capsules, liquid dosage forms, pellets, powders, lozenges, and oral films. We are dedicated to supporting formulation development for local and global markets, by creating innovative concepts and solutions.

Areas of Expertise

At our Mumbai Technical Centre we provide industry knowledge with the relevant equipment to support your formulation and concept development.

Core Competencies

- Pharmaceutical formulation 
- Semi-solid and topical expertise 
- OSDF and topical troubleshooting 
- Hands-on and virtual training  
- Dissolution and IVRT studies 
- Characterization studies 
- Taste masking  
- Solubility enhancement 
- Cleaning solutions with pharmaceutical detergents 
- Collaboration with Pharmacy Academic Institutes 

Major Equipment

- Instrumented rotary tablet press
(B & D tooling) 
- Jacketed High shear granulator
(melt granulation possible) 
- Fluid bed coater & granulator 
- Autocoater
- Viscometer, texture analyzer  
- Diffusion tester (IVRT studies) 
- Texture analyser
- Camera-enabled dissolution apparatus 
- Orbital shaker & mini centrifuge
(Solubilities studies) 
- Stability chambers

Dosage Form Possibilities

- Semisolid  
- Liquid 
At IMCD we partner with world-class suppliers and aim to inspire our customers to develop innovative formulations. With a synergistic portfolio of ingredients, we have the capability to explore a broad spectrum of excipients and work with active pharmaceutical ingredients to develop meaningful solutions. Our concepts range from pharma API solubility enhancement to paediatric suspension taste masking, ODTs, and troubleshooting gels, creams, and sprays. 
Our main area of focus has been novel concept development for topicals and OSD formulations. We have explored current market challenges such as solubility enhancement and taste masking for paediatrics. We have troubleshooted bleeding in ointments and sunscreens, as well as the stabilisation of APIs in creams and gels. We have developed novel concepts for drug delivery through the skin and nose and have explored cosmeceutical concepts with our vast portfolio of sensorial enhancers. Another growing area of interest has been the identification of suitable cleaning detergents for the pharmaceutical industries.

Our Team

Our team of scientists and technical sales specialists support throughout the product development cycle, to ensure you get your ideas to market quickly and robustly.

Team Members

Prajal Pradip Pandhare - Oral Laboratory Manager

With nearly eight years of experience in the formulation and development of solid orals for the US, Europe, and domestic markets, Prajal has worked with various generic companies with an experience in scale-up, technology transfer, process validation, and CTD dossier submission. Prajal also has experience in formulation development with QbD principles involving process and formula optimisation using DoE software. 

Rahul Yadav - Topical Laboratory Manager

With nearly nine years of experience in the formulation and development of topical dosage forms, including both development and troubleshooting formulation issues, Rahul has worked with various generic companies and has experience in formulation development, technology transfer and ANDA dossier submission.

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IMCD Mumbai Laboratory - Pharmaceuticals
Ground Floor, Dani Compound, Kalina, Santacruz (East), Mumbai- 400098. Maharashtra, India

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