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IMCD is ready to partner with you on your topical formulation every step of the way. From our world-class technical team and expansive laboratory capabilities to the most innovative ingredients, we have what you need to create a preferred customer product. 


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Technical Expertise

IMCD has several Pharmaceutical Technical Centres that are both regional training hubs and laboratories for formulation and concept development. Being equipped with various instruments for topical formulation, troubleshooting and testing, IMCD can assist both customers and suppliers in various topical dosage forms like creams, gels, lotions, solutions, or foams. From regulatory and quality to excipient performance and functionality, the exceptional service we offer helps you to make the optimal use of our portfolio. Check out our new topical video to find out more.

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Rheology modifiers for topical products

Topical dosage forms need specific flow properties so they can be placed into a container, remain stable over time, dispensed, handled, and properly applied to the affected area. Rheology is therefore crucial as it will directly affect the way a drug is formulated and developed, the quality of the raw and finished product, the drug efficacy, and the way a patient adheres to the prescribed drug. We have summarised the different types of rheology modifiers, use levels, and their flow behaviour.

Discover more about rheology modifiers by downloading our technical leaflet.