Market segments

Home Care

IMCD’s Detergents/Cleaning business unit includes the Home Care segment customers who manufacture and market consumer products for cleaning , surface care and protection in the following sub-segments:

Air Care
Air freshening, or specialist products used by consumers for space freshening, deodorising, fragrancing and ambience creation ( e.g. Sprays, gels, tablets, candles)

Car Care
Consumer products for interior and exterior cleaning, freshening and polishing of vehicles.

Consumer products for hand or automatic dishwash including liquids, tablets, gels and dishwash aids

Fabric Care
Consumer products for fabric machine/handwash, pre – and post – treatment including liquids, powders, tablets, gel detergents, laundry aids and fabric conditioners

Consumer products to clean, protect, freshen fixed surfaces/coverings  plus specialist, less frequent-use products. Liquids, wipes, powders, aerosols formats for hard surface cleaners, surface protection and specialist cleaning products  

Industrial & Institutional Care

IMCD’s Detergents/Cleaning business unit includes the Industrial & Institutional ( I&I) Care segment customers who manufacture and market  products for professional cleaning, surface care and protection, plus users of cleaning chemicals in industrial manufacturing processes, in sub-segments:

Fabric washing, conditioning and cleaning products used by commercial laundry/dry cleaning premises and on-site laundries e.g. hospitals, hotels.

Institutional & Catering
Professional products used by staff or Building Service contractors in retail, offices, hotels restaurants, institutions for cleaning and care of e.g. Floor care, Food  preparation surfaces, Washroom , hospital premises etc.

Food & Beverage Manufacturing
Professional products used to clean/sanitise premises involved in manufacturing / bottling / processing of food, beverages, dairy and also pharma/cosmetic products

Vehicle & Machinery
Products for  cleaning and surface protection of  commercial transport vehicles. Products for heavy duty cleaning of industrial plant, manufacturing equipment and premises.

Technical Cleaning
Products for surface preparation/cleaning and protection aids during industrial manufacturing.