At IMCD, we’ve always been curious, passionate, and ambitious.

Partnerships that last
Right from the early days, we have applied our entrepreneurial mindset to every opportunity that we uncover through working with our suppliers and customers. This, in turn, has fuelled our drive to adopt a true partnership model. Not satisfied with being the ‘middleman’, we set out to evolve and became one of the first distributors of speciality chemicals and ingredients to share information transparently, delivering sales data and market intelligence through a single point of contact. Through taking expertise in-house, we’ve grown to provide our customers with the technical know-how they need to turn market trends into products that make a real difference.  

Discover our key milestones


Management and NIBC Private Equity acquire the company from Internatio-Müller. 


Having become a global leader in distribution of speciality chemicals and ingredients


IMCD moved into the Dutch blue chip AEX index


This year marks IMCD’s 25th anniversary

Key milestone 1995

Under the management of Piet van der Slikke, a group of companies within Internatio-Müller form a separate division to become a new player in the field of speciality chemicals distribution.

Key milestone 2001-2004

Internatio-Müller Chemical Distribution becomes a stand-alone business and formally changes its name to IMCD.

Key Milestone 2005-2014 

IMCD strengthens its activities across EMEA and enters new regions in Africa, Latin America, and APAC.

Key Milestone 2014

IMCD is listed on the Euronext Stock Exchange in Amsterdam.

Key Milestone 2015-2019 

IMCD establishes a footprint in the U.S and Canada and strengthens its operations in Latin America and Asia.

IMCD develops its laboratories into a global network of technical centres that provide its partners with high quality technical advice and formulation expertise.

Key Milestone 2019

IMCD moves into the Dutch blue chip AEX index.


Key Milestone 2020

IMCD celebrates 25 years of innovation and value creation