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A global supply chain supported by local expertise

At IMCD, we never take our supply chain for granted. Instead we commit ourselves to its continued optimisation, to ensure it is the best in the industry.

While a number of our competitors are tied to their own infrastructure, we have adopted an outsourcing model. 

Working with best-in-class 3rd party logistics service providers, such as fully accredited transport operators and warehouse facilities, we outsource almost all of our fulfilment operations. We can also handle repacking, mixing, blending and labelling as value-added services.

With trust in our logistics service providers, we’re able to offer flexible, scalable and cost-effective solutions across a wide variety of different industries. Our partners are perfectly positioned in strategic locations, so we can deliver a tailored and timely service, ensuring stock is available and ready to ship to all our markets. With access to both central, regional and local product inventory, we are able to respond with speed to avoid supply chain disruptions and manage last minute customer requests for next day requirements. 

“Our ambition is to have a 100% outsourced supply chain model”

Stan Bijsterveld – Director, Global Supply Chain

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Supply chain management supports IMCD’s wider sustainability story

When we begin to work with a new supplier, we’ll take the time to engineer a fit-for-purpose solution. This involves looking back at transactional data and analysing the origin, destination, frequency and volume of past shipments. All to determine where your ideal warehouse locations will be and help to limit the distance future cargos travel. This, along with regularly reviewing shipment sizes, using barges where possible, and moving towards an intermodal system for long distances, has both a positive impact on cost and the environment.

As part of the IMCD commitment to sustainable practices, we also ensure that all our 3rd party logistics service providers have their own sustainability agendas alongside regulatory compliance and stringent performance management. We work with each on a one-to-one basis to ensure a flawless data exchange and look at what can be automated in the value stream. This enables us to use operational business insights to streamline processes and guarantee the most efficient ways of working, while also keeping carbon footprint front of mind.

At IMCD, we’re resilient and flexible

As we expand into new geographies through organic growth and acquisitions, we continue to review the effectiveness of our supply chain network – is it still sustainable, optimized and cost effective? Our relationships with our suppliers continue to evolve and we proactively review standards, operating procedures and monitor KPI dashboards to guarantee you’re only receiving the most tailored and relevant solutions that support your wider business goals. 

Our global IMCD network and our teams of on-the-ground experts

With access to our global IMCD network and our teams of on-the-ground experts committed to executing supply chain best practices at a local level, your business and its logistical operations are in safe hands.  

Working with IMCD gives you access to our global 24-hour emergency response numbers, available to help in case of an incident (hosted by CareChem24).

Dialling these numbers, specific to each region, will connect you with a specialist, who has access to all relevant safety data sheets and can give advice on what to do in emergency situations, such as when there’s a leaking package or a truck collision. Should it be necessary, they will also inform the emergency services. 

The numbers can be found below and are also printed on all labels and paperwork.

Worldwide (Multilingual) 

+44 (0) 3700 492 795 

United Kingdom (English only) 

+44 (0) 1865 407 333 


1800 625 526

New Zealand

0800 500 288

United States

+1 800 424 9300