Join IMCD Advanced Materials at COMPAMED 2022

Discover our diverse portfolio of medical polymers for applications like pharmaceutical packaging, diagnostics & laboratory, InBody & medical tubing, and so much more.

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Reimagine medical solutions

For more than 20 years, we have brought innovative medical and healthcare solutions to the market. Because we understand medical complexities, we can help you find the best approach to getting the necessary solutions. Join us to discuss your challenges.

Medical equipment

Reinventar soluciones. Abrir nuevas fronteras.

Acerca de IMCD Advanced Materials

IMCD Advanced Materials es un distribuidor global con experiencia en 23 mercados finales y 18 categorías de productos. Aprovecha esta oportunidad para conocer a nuestros expertos de mercado dedicados con ganas de compartir sus conocimientos de mercado y tendencias contigo. Colaboremos para crear productos más sostenibles, eficientes e innovadores. Te ayudaremos en cada etapa del desarrollo de productos.

Product categories you can explore at our booth

• Adhesives
• Core materials
• Fillers reinforcements
• Flame retardants
• Masterbatch
• Modifiers
• Operating materials
• Other additives
• Pigments
• Plasticizers
• Processing aids
• PUR raw materials
• Rubber elastomers
• Solvents
• Stabilizers
• Thermoplastic elastomers
• Thermoplastics
• Thermosets

Meet our IMCD India Advanced Materials Team

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Raju Desai

Director - Advanced Materials

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Himanshu Indulkar

Chief Manager - Product Management

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Amar Singh

Chief Manager-Sales

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Bala Sivaji

Sr. Manager - Sales


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