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Innovative Medical Solutions Two-Part Event

Join the conversation on the innovations and solutions shaping the medical and healthcare industries

Take a deep dive into medical polymer solutions in-person & online

In our two-part event, we are bringing together experts from around Europe to explore the medical solutions paving the way for the medical and healthcare industries. Will you join us? 

When you sign up, we'll send you a free ticket to COMPAMED and give you access to our virtual event where you'll have the opportunity to attend 10 live webinars, explore new medical polymer solutions, meet with our experts and so much more. 

Join us online for our Innovative Medical Solutions Virtual Event: November 23rd - 24th 

Powered by IMCD, the Advanced Materials' Smart Society is a virtual event designed to bring the newest medical polymer solutions and innovations directly to you. 

In our virtual space, you can explore a wide-range of medical polymers, hear from our experts and partners in live, webinars and work directly with our team to navigate any challenges you're facing with your unique medical innovation.

Register now to join the virtual event. 

Attend live, medical innovation webinars
Over the course of the 2-day virtual event, there will be 10 live, educational webinars for attendees to join and hear from our experts and partners on a handful of topics surrounding the latest medical innovations.  Whether you're interested in learning more about overcoming material selection challenges or navigating the permission chains, we've got something for you.
Explore new medical polymers
Throughout our smart society, you can browse a handful of medical materials. Every material you browse provides you with the information you need to understand its properties, appropriate applications,  and more. You'll be able to watch videos, download relevant content and speak directly with our experts via chat if you have any questions as you go. 
Connect with Medical Experts
At every step of the way in the virtual event, you'll have direct access to our experts. Whether you're not sure how to navigate new regulations or have questions about altering your current approach with sustainability in mind, we can support you. We offer multiple ways for you to connect with our experts, including live chat, email and meetings if you wish to arrange a one-on-one.
Meet us in-person at COMPAMED: November 15th-18th

After months of not being able to meet in person, we're looking forward to finally being able to bring the medical industry together again.

Join us at COMPAMED as we kick off our two weeks of medical innovation conversations. If you are able to travel and would like attend, contact our team to get a free ticket to the trade show.

You can find us in
Hall 14 at booth 14A55. We hope to see you there!