Innovative medical solutions virtual event

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Explore how new medical polymers are pushing the boundaries of material science and opening new frontiers for our industries

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Join the Innovative Medial Solutions Virtual Event to explore new medical polymers making waves in the medical and healthcare industries.
Innovative Medical Centre
Here, you can uncover new medical materials for applications such as medical and pharmaceutical packaging, surgical instruments and forceps, vial and syringes, catheters and stints, drip chambers and so much more. 
 Advanced Materials' Café
Here, you can explore our product portfolios, download our just-released sustainability trend report and start a live chat with our experts. Simply click “live chat” in the bottom corner of your screen and our experts will be available to answer any questions you might have.
Join our virtual event to access our product portfolio, download our trend report and meet with our experts.
Join us for our virtual event featuring our newly-released Sustainable Solutions.
Sustainability Dome
Here, you can explore our 8 Sustainable Solutions, hear from our experts on the future of sustainable materials in our industries and download our newly released trends report "Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Tomorrow”.

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