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Together, we can find innovative solutions and open new frontiers.

At IMCD Advanced Materials, we are always in search of new possibilities and innovative solutions to challenges our industries face. Our experts and taskforces set out to find answers to questions that have not yet been asked.
 We take a solutions-oriented approach to everything we do, which is why we are constantly watching for ways we can support our partners in developing the best innovations on the market.

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IMCD Advanced Materials provides sustainable solutions across markets.
Sustainable Solutions

We have conversations every day with our customers about how we can support their move towards more sustainable practices, and in each conversation, we hear the same question: Where do we start?

Our Sustainable Solutions provides you with that starting point. Start your sustainability journey now and explore the most important trends, regulations and labellings considerations, sustainable materials and more.

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Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Purging Solutions
Improving machine efficiency and eliminating downtime are critical to cost-effective production, and today, resin is just not good enough.

Explore our purging solutions to learn how you can streamline your production process, eliminate waste and check sustainability boxes in the process. 
IMCD Advanced Materials partners with companies in the compounders industry to support innovation.

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