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Composite Solutions

We provide traditional composite, speciality products and semi-finished materials to the composite industry.

At IMCD Advanced Materials, we serve the composites industry with the materials they need to achieve their goals to remain competitive and innovative.

With a global reach and more than 20 key principal partners, our diverse portfolio of traditional and advanced composites, as well as adhesive and sustainable composite solutions set us apart from the competition.

Our technical experts have years of experience working in the composite industry and are skilled in helping our partners overcome their challenges.

Our innovative approach

We reimagine solutions to develop innovative products that meet the needs of our customers and their markets. We try things that have never been done and are not afraid of pushing the boundaries of material science.

At every step of the way, we involve our customers in our process to ensure we offer the customized solutions they need to fit their requirements and production process. Whether their goals are improving their productivity in design or reducing weight to lower CO2 emissions, we always look for efficiencies and ways to take our partners products to the next level.

Traditional Composite Solutions

We are a one-stop-shop to meet all traditional composite market needs. Between thermoset matrixes, reinforcements, process materials, additives and fillers, machinery, and more, our customers only need one partner to meet their needs.

Our traditional composites product portfolio consists of:
  • Thermoset resins
  • Gelcoats & bonding pastes
  • Organic peroxydes
  • Reinforcements
  • Synthetic non-woven
  • Core materials
  • Release agents

  • Machinery

  • Additives & fillers

  • Ancillaries

  • Process materials

  • Hybrid Fibers

Advanced Composite Market

Our advanced composites solutions meet the needs of sophisticated processes. We offer the solutions that differentiate products on the market with light-weighting, high mechanical properties, cosmetic design and more.

Our advanced composites product portfolio consists of:
  • Formulated epoxy systems
  • Structural adhesives
  • OoA prepregs
  • Tooling prepregs
  • Low curing temperature prepregs
  • High-temperature prepregs (500C)
  • Antistatic veils

  • High flow carbon fibre reinforcements for infusion

  • High-performance honeycombs

  • Process materials for infusion and prepregs moulding

product portfolio

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Adhesive Solutions

Every day, our experts look for innovative solutions to find the right structural adhesives for the unique application need. We are skilled in assembling products and optimizing production time to meet the goals of our customers.

Our structural adhesive product portfolio consists of:
  • MMA
  • PU (1 K and 2 K)
  • Anaerobic adhesives
  • Cyano-acrylates (1 K and 2 K)
  • Epoxy films
  • UV curing adhesives
  • MS polymers

Sustainable Composites

Our innovative approach to composite solutions allows us to replace traditional materials like steel, aluminum and concrete to improve weight reduction and therefore reduce CO2 emissions. This positively impacts carbon emissions, as well as creates the potential for more innovative design options.

Our sustainable portfolio consists of:
  • Bio-based thermoset resins
  • Eco-friendly structural foam
  • Label-free solvents
  • R-PET honeycome core
  • Natural fibres
  • Bio-prepregs

IMCD Advanced Materials at the JEC 2022 show

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Experts in Composite Solutions

Our composites experts watch market trends and drivers to ensure we can always support our customers in getting the highest benefits. We have deep roots in composites and understand the technical nuances, challenges and opportunities that come with each solution.

Meet some of our experts

Serge Gradys

Market Director Composites

Michal Sochurek

Market Manager, Composites, SEE

Geoffrey Barbier

Market Manager, Composites, France

Kenny Shea

Market Manager, Composites, UK

Allan Sorenson

Market Manager, Composites, Nordics
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