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We are on a mission to champion our partners' journeys towards utilizing sustainable solutions every day to make a positive impact on their organization and the world.

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The Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions is a one-stop resource that supports our partners in navigating the complexities of green solutions.


These materials are not durable and include soil, water, marine classified polymers, additives or compounds that are decomposed into water, CO2, and biomass. They also include at least 20% biobased carbon content as measured according to European standard EN 16640.

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CO2 Reduction

These materials are "renewable source", "recycled material," "weight reduction," "waste reduction," and enable "energy reduction."

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These materials fulfill EN13432 for OK Compost Industrial. They also include OK Compost HOME, which are not based on a single standard but on the basis of several standards.

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End-of-Life Enhancement

These materials enhance the durability of the plastic product or its contents through innovation and redesign.

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These materials are new recycled grades coming from the industrial and post-consuming streams. They include additives for improving recyclate quality.

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Renewable Source

These materials can be polymers, additives, and/or reinforcement materials that are based on a renewable source.

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Waste Reduction

These materials are processing aids and cleaning grades that are able to increase the machine output, reducing internal waste production which could not be easily used in the common recycling process.

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Weight Reduction

These materials remodel the structure and internal structure, reduce the amount of plastic inside the parts, keep the same mechanical and thermal properties, and bring an added value to the environment.

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