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Biodegradable Compounds

Produced from compostable sources and are ideal for injection moulding applications

Biodegradable Compounds - Description

This material, under ideal conditions of temperature and humidity, becomes humus, fertilizing the land, contributing to sustainable consumption. This material offers the possibility to minimize dependence on oil and, in this way, the consumer can choose an environmentally friendly product, capable of reducing pollution levels for future generations.

These biodegradable compounds can be used in several applications, such as: capsules, shopping bags, waste bags, film, packaging, nets, disposable tableware, etc. The product range covers materials using renewable source (such as soy residues, rice starch, corn or sugar cane) and a certain percentage of recycled materials (either post-consumer recycled and / or post-industrial recycled). these renewable sources and recycled based compounds have the same properties as an ordinary plastics.

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