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Green Flame Retardant Masterbatches

Developed for polyolefin plastics, masterbatches and compounders to enhance fire safety and mechanical performance

The material is the green flame retardant system. It is developed for polyolefin plastics and delivered as a masterbatch and compound. It contains no persistent or CMR substances – it is completely antimony- and halogen-free. Benefits of the system include: improve fire safety and mechanical performance compared to conventional flame retardants; it is also easier to recycle and process.

The material meets a number of burning standards – UL94-V0, DIN 4102, EN-61386, EN-11925, EN-13501 among others and is 100% halogen-free. It heralds a new generation of nontoxic flame-retardants that don’t cause adverse health effects in children or adults. The company´s commitment is to work with the best possible technology to achieve a safe environment free of toxins.

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