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Lubricants, Capstocks & Odour Neutralizers

Additives that can be used for WPC and recycled plastics

Lubricants, Capstocks & Odour Neutralizers - Description

For recycled plastics, these additives could improve processing, compatibility, odour and physical properties to help turn compounds into engineered, high-performance materials. Useful in a variety of different resin systems from polyolefins to engineered plastics, these products offer greater processing efficiency and enhanced performance. They are targeted for compounds containing 100% recycled material or materials with varying levels of post-consumer or post-industrial recycled content. From high odour/volatile feed streams in recycled applications to strict odour/volatile specifications in automotive and packaging applications, these Innovative Additives can help eliminate odours and reduce volatiles.

For wood plastic composites, both moulded and extruded formulations, the properties can be improved by using its innovative additives.

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