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Natural Fibre Composites

Composites based on ABS, PLA, PP, PS and POM are reinforced natural fibres suitable for injection moulding and extrusion

Natural Fibre Composites - Description

These materials are the first natural fibre reinforced composite granulates excellent for injection moulding and extrusion. When designing a completely new product manufactured from a natural fibre composite, reaching the optimal end result requires paying attention to both the possibilities and demands of the material. These materials give the product designer a new kind of freedom. In mould design, it is advisable to take into account the clearance of nozzles and flow channels, for instance.

The primary features are:

  • A unique appearance and tactile feel
  • Excellent technical properties that give new possibilities for design
  • Improved rigidity in the material.
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable
These composites are at their best when a complex shape is required, combined with excellent strength and recyclability.

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