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Prepolymers with Low Free Isocyanate Content

Use renewable and biobased raw materials to provide long-term benefits such as reducing CO2 emissions by 20-30%

Prepolymers with Low Free Isocyanate Content - Description

This speciality chemicals company has developed a new range of MDI polyether prepolymers containing renewable, bio-based raw materials. The products are suitable as replacements for existing fossil-based polyether prepolymers to manufacture highly durable polyurethane (PU) elastomers.

The overall objective to develop this material was to create a range of bio-based prepolymers which allow the PU processor to produce components with a reduced CO2 footprint. Depending on the system, a reduction of CO2 between 20 to 30 percent is possible compared to fossil-based prepolymers due to the use of polyether polyols based on starch. The share of bio-based raw materials varies between 30 to 90 percent dependent on the targeted system hardness. At the same time, the existing PU processing capabilities would remain applicable and the properties of the final polyurethane elastomer would be similar to established elastomers based on fossil-based polyether or even better.

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