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Starch-based & Compostable Resin Blends

Thermoplastic resins for converting processes to create durable and stable products for blend PE, PP and PS

Starch-based & Compostable Resin Blends - Description

This product is a unique type of thermoplastic resin made with a proprietary process that converts high crystalline starch powder into a low crystalline (mostly amorphous) plastic resin. Products made with this material are durable and shelf-stable. They will not degrade (fragment) or cause degradation simply because of the presence of oxygen or UV light.

This product uses the process of making homogeneous blends of this material (having low crystallinity) with other polyolefins (having high crystallinity). Since it has a higher modulus (strength) than many polyolefins, it can be used to make plastic items that are stronger than those made with pure polyolefins. The chemical and mechanical bonds of plastic products exhibit beneficial properties from each of the base resin feedstocks.

Blending the material with other biodegradable resins will result in products that biodegrade in Industrial Compost conditions. In its pure form, the material will biodegrade as fast or faster than cellulose or any other kind of bioplastic on the market today.

Several grades have passed standardized tests for compostability and are certified by TUV to meet the criteria specified in ASTM D6400 and EN 13432.

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