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Talc - Filler

High aspect ratio Talcs with impact strength, rigidity, resistance and mechanical properties for automotive plastics, filler in WPC, paints and coatings, and more

Talc - Filler - Description

Widely used in automotive plastics, high-aspect-ratio talcs confer just the right balance of rigidity and impact strength, allowing manufacturers to make parts thinner and lighter, contributing to lowering overall vehicle weight. Likewise, our micro-lamellar talcs enhance permeability in rubber, improving the rolling resistance of tires and the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

In Plastics, used in wood-plastic composites (WPC) where it has been found to increase stiffness, reduce water absorption, increase heat distortion temperature, improve dimensional stability and reduce creep in polyolefin and PVC based wood-plastic composites.

In paints and coatings, talc is an ideal, natural solution for replacing less environment-friendly TiO2 and for improving the mechanical and optical properties of coatings.

In the pulp and paper industry, talcs are excellent solutions for avoiding deposits enabling mills to work in closed water circuits and optimizing prime resources.

Used in ceramic tiles and sanitaryware, talc improves the vitrification process, allowing producers to reduce firing temperatures and shorten firing cycles.

In agriculture, talc-based solutions can provide excellent natural alternatives to chemicals for protecting fruit from the sun’s rays and disease. They are ideal for organic farming. Talcs also make the effective flow and anti-caking agents for fertilizers.

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