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ATH Flame Retardant

Has purity, whiteness and low density of 2.4g/cm3 properties

Aluminium Honeycomb

Recyclable heet material containing hexagonal or rectangular shaped cells that can be recycled and used as a core material


Extends life of plastics with protective polyolefins from oxidative degradation

Antioxidant for Recycling

Suitable for PE, PP and PA to improve recyclability

BOPE Masterbatches

Sustainable films containing one polymer to ease recycling processes and technical feasibility

Barrier Masterbatches

Reduce permeation of oxygen and water vapor in cast PP films

Cellulose Fibre-based PP Compounds

Fibres obtained by combining cellulose from woods and thermoplastics to deliver a natural look, soft and warm touch, high rigidity and low density

Cellulose-based Transparent Polymer

Used to produce durable and long-lasting BPA-free bioplastic

Compatibilizer for PLA, PHA & More

High-strength and performance, flexibility and heat resistant is compatible with fillers, starch and other biopolyesters

Copolyester: PET & PETG (RIC1 Compatible)

Fully compatible with RIC1 and used to obtain recyclable packaging with end-of-life properties

Copolyester: PETG, PCTG & PCTA

Allows for the production of clear, durable and transparent plastics

Green Flame Retardant Masterbatches

Developed for polyolefin plastics, masterbatches and compounders to enhance fire safety and mechanical performance

Halogen-Free Flame Retardant

Phosphorous-based halogen-free flame retardant

Hybrid Foam: PU & PET

Available as an IPN polymer network with a high cross-linking degree, fine cellular structured foams and low-density foam

Impact Modifier

Can be used with polar and unpolar materials to improve recyclability

Melamine Cyanurate: Flame Retardant

Nontoxic and environmentally friendly product widely used in unfilled PA

Odour Reduction Coupling Agents

Recylable additives to improve processing, material properties, recyclate quality, recycling, and odor reduction

PET Foam & Core Materials Balsa Wood

Composed of closed cells filled with 50-96% air allowing to create lightweight sandwich structures

PP Honeycomb

Recyclable, durable, economic and high quality, with a standard density of 80 kilogram per cubic meter

Phosphorous-based Flame Retardant

High-level flame retardant for solid and liquid polymers and rubber compounds

Phthalate-free Plasticizers

Offer low-temperature flexibility and resistance for vinyl compounds and plastisols

Processing Aid, Impact Modifier

Acrylic-based, resistance, melt-strength impact modifiers for polar plastics, like PLA blends

Processing Aids

Delivers high value to polyolefin compounds such as improve flame retardant and mechanical properties, high resistance and low coefficient of friction

Reclosable Compound

Olefin-based compound with elastomer-like properties that can be recycled easily

Recycled PET Foam (100%)

Recycled, durable, and suitable for composite sandwich structures