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Antimicrobials Polymer Additives

Derived from natural plant extracts and are ideal for consumer applications

Bio-based PP/PE

ISCC Plus-certified polyolefins produced from renewable feedstocks

Bio-based PPA

Bio-content between 50% and 90% and can be used for applications involving direct contact with water

Bio-based Plasticizers

Bio-based epoxidized oils

Bio-based Polyamide

Hardeners for epoxy

Bio-based Polyols

Biobased polyols for PU obtained from the combination of various natural oils

Bio-based Reactive Diluents

Biobased reactive diluents for epoxy with a bio content of 67%

Bio-based TPU

Provides highly flexible films, abrasion-resistant hoses, soft-touch injection molded parts and special compounds

Bio-solvents Fat Acid Esters

Used to replace acetone and chlorinated solvents

Biodegradable & Compostable Compounds

Suitable for converting systems and for the bioplastics production

Biodegradable Compounds

Produced from compostable sources and are ideal for injection moulding applications

Calcium & Zinc Stearates

Provides good separation effect and hydrophobic properties

Castor Oil

Natural and plant-based oil composed of 85-90% recinoleic acid and suitable for industrial applications

Cellulose Fibre-based PP Compounds

Fibres obtained by combining cellulose from woods and thermoplastics to deliver a natural look, soft and warm touch, high rigidity and low density

Cellulose-based Transparent Polymer

Used to produce durable and long-lasting BPA-free bioplastic

Compatibilizer for PLA, PHA & More

High-strength and performance, flexibility and heat resistant is compatible with fillers, starch and other biopolyesters

Compostable & Biodegradable Compounds: Film Applications

Allows the creation of biodegradable and compostable products with increased strength and stability


Distilled tall oils containing 10%-40% of rosin acids, ideal for functional products like cleaners and soaps

Functional Masterbatches

Provide slip, antiblock and antistatic properties

Lubricants for Bioplastics, Bio-based Plasticizers, Release, Anti-blocking, Slip

Polymer modifiers and process aids derived from renewable sources and used in biopolymers such as PLA, PHA, starch-based and other biopolymers, as well as synthetic rubber and PVC

Lubricants, Capstocks & Odour Neutralizers

Additives that can be used for WPC and recycled plastics

Lubricants, Plasticizers & Viscosity Depressants

High value, renewable and sustainable polymer additives for plastics applications with antistatic, antifogging and release agent properties

Natural Fibers Fabrics & Grids

Natural fibres are obtained from plant sources and can be applied in all areas of life to create unique products with flax, balsa, jute

Natural Fibers Fabrics & Grids

Lightweight, high-performance natural fibre reinforcement grid suitable for high-performance applications with flax, balsa and jute